FRSC Mobile Court: Truck Driver Sentenced To 12 Months Imprisonment

A truck driver, Mr. Joshua Gabriel, an indigene of Abia State, was on Tuesday charged for dangerous driving by mobile court mounted by Federal Road Safety Commission and sentenced to 12 months imprisonment with hard labour along Calabar-Itu Road.

The magistrate of the mobile court, Glory Udonna, said the driver contravened section 21 of the Federal Road Safety Act for driving dangerously on the federal high way.

According to her, the driver would pay N10, 000 fine to the owner of Jetta Saloon car with registration no. Cross River AE 393 BRA for his dangerous driving.

Udonna added that Gabriel would also pay another fine of N10, 000 for the repair of a motor cycle he damaged through his dangerous driving.

The driver, 39 years old was said to have ignored the sign by Road Safety Officials, on routine patrol with mobile court session when he was flagged down, at Mbak Itam in Itu Local Government Area of the state.

The FRSC Sector Commander in the state, Mrs. Cecilia Aloa, said the driver dangerously drove his Mack Truck with registration Number Lagos FK 562XH from flagged by road safety Mbak Itam in Itu to Ikono Local Government Area before he was apprehended.

She said distress signal to police and other security agencies on duty along the route led to the arrest, trial and conviction of Gabriel.

She stated that Gabriel, after a hot chase by the security agencies, abandoned the truck at Ikono and ran into one woman house and hid under her bed. When a riot policeman chased him into the place, Gabriel picked up the machete to cut the policeman, but the policeman overpowered him and dispossessed the machete from him.

“This is not a normal procedure where we give them tickets and they go to the bank to pay; this one is being presided by a magistrate. Any offenders we are going to apprehend today will be tried according to the rule of law.

“So far, we have 30 offenders that have been apprehended today and they have been prosecuted in the magistrate court. We have 10 trucks, but one of the 10 trucks is likely to go to jail today. Why I am saying this is because instead of the truck to stop when he was flagged down, he attempted to run away with one of our operatives.

“And he went from this Itu Local Government where we are now as far as Ikono. Ikono is another local government entirely; it is about 30 to 40 minutes drive from this place and we had to go after him and with the aid of the policemen that were on their bid we were able to apprehend. Now he is to face the magistrate,” she said.

She stated that majority of those the FRSCQ apprehended were for offenses about fake driver’s license violation.

She stated that most offenders were still carrying fake license despite public education the corps had done on both print and electronic media. She advised members of the public to go to driver licensing office where their bio metric would be taken.

Gabriel stated that he did not know what to say after a mistake had been made. He said he had been a good user of the road but could not tell what came out of him to act the way he did.

“In life there is something that will happen and you do not know what cause it. Something that happened now, I don’t know what caused it.

“Since I have been playing this road, I have been a good user of this road, but I was just coming from burial yesterday I do not know what is the real cause.

There was nothing that motivated me but I am still pleading Please, beg her for me. I need your help in this matter,” he said.

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