Udom Emmanuel: A Harvest Of Thanksgiving

By Pat Reuben

Like the process and stripes of metamorphosis, from the reception that was organized under the umbrella of Eket Senatorial District Consultative Assembly to rally support for their amiable son, Governor Udom Emmanuel. The drift also landed in Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District as they received their sons and daughters especially as it came few days after the Supreme Court upheld the election of Governor Udom Emmanuel on February 3rd, 2016. It has been a season of thanksgiving accompanied by various degrees of praises. As the custodian of the hopes, aspirations and dreams of this generation of Akwa Ibomites; as the current holder of the Divine Trust which binds our destiny in eternal covenant to the God of our fathers; as an instrument of God’s plans and purposes for our generation. The recent Supreme Court judgment is a testimony to Akwa Ibom people that the mandate they freely gave the Governor eight months ago rests in the Sacred Place of the Most High. It rests here because it was a Divine Mandate.

The reason for this thanksgiving abound as those who oppose this administration have laid claims that it is an appendage of the last administration. Come to think of it, is there any perfect administration? All government in their concept and formation strives to make and attain perfection, the reason why government is continuous in act and policies. To be fair to the last administration and not holding brief to that constitution, it initiated programs, which increased our self-esteem as a people and earned us respect. The Governor Udom Emmanuel administration is leveraging on those previous strides and has taken the good people of the state to higher and innovative heights and willing to sustain on superior performance. We indeed have volumes in our kitty to offer to the Supreme God unreserved thanksgiving for this administration poised to lift us up above those people who once underestimated us and rated low our capacity to advance forward.

Gov. Udom Emmanuel

Gov. Udom Emmanuel

Those distractions of the past eight months were only designed to take us back to degradable standards of living. So who wouldn’t thank God when all arsenals of smear campaign, blackmail, perdition, slanting propaganda and diminishing innuendoes have completely failed. People who say we shouldn’t roll out our drums in celebration should realize that for the past eight months, instead of allowing government to focus in providing democratic dividends. We had a sad commentary in our political history where people who were part of the last administration for seven of eighty years turned around to demonize the same administration, they even piloted high affairs. They claimed the administration was wasteful, irresponsible, corrupt and blabbing all round. And in their entire hullabaloo, this seemingly is like cutting your nose in order to spite your face. You cannot absolve them of hypocrisy without convicting them of self-indictment.

Such talk cannot and will not fool Akwa Ibom people because you can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. When they lie to you, ask them the source of their wealth, and what investment they made to become wealthy and super-rich.

Our thanksgiving and celebration is beyond mere jamboree, we have chosen to rise to the faith that as a people, we can move beyond biases, ethnicity, religion and gender in concretization of our moral and spiritual rebirth. Akwa Ibom ‘Dakkada’! We are thanking God and celebrating because Governor Udom Emmanuel has scaled through all the grievous hurdles and manipulations of a few disgruntled elements that retarded the speed of our progress. They lost in their bit to thwart all our lofty efforts. The Governor is now ready and strategizing to his industrialization and infrastructural development. The Supreme Court judgment is good take-off point for Governor Udom as we move forward. Let mischief, hatred and divisive tendencies be replaced by unity, love and good neighbourliness. We owe this to our children not to build a society where mutual suspicions are worn like badges of honour, but to build a state where oneness of spirit binds us in a symphony of love.

Those who are questioning the cause of our celebration should realise that we are in the consciousness that posterity will judge us on what we did for Akwa Ibom and not what Akwa Ibom did for us. With the judicial confirmation of Governor Udom Emmanuel as the authentic leader of Akwa Ibom people, we have chosen the right side of history. Let us be enveloped in the all-embracing umbrella of love and greatness as characterized by the principles of ‘Dakkada’.

Gov Udom Emmanuel after the Supreme Court judgment has reached out to all and even his persecutors to join hands in moving the state forward. Until now, I had expect the failed and defeated governorship candidate of the All Progressive Congress which was a hurried amalgamation of aggrieved folks to congratulate the judiciary confirmed and massively voted governor in history. He has kept mute all this while but instead still spending a little of what remains for him after the clutching defeat to sponsor yet numerous wailing stories. Our collective pledge is to be steadfast I our efforts to keep the peace and stability of the state at all times. Akwa Ibom people must create the right atmosphere where everyone, men, women, the youths, the old and the young will have the opportunity to live out the endless possibilities that God has imbued and embedded in us all.

Take a cue from the train of all our celebration of sweet victory. The simplicity of the Governor is in full glare. The golden fish has no hiding place; you cannot hide. You can’t hide good works. No matter how simple you want to keep it, you can’t hide your abilities. Good work must show. You drop at the airport you will see that the second runway is on-going so you can’t hide it.

When our children are trained in Oracle as they are undergoing now, you can’t hide it; it’s seen because these are testimonials themselves. The people are celebrating and thanking God and they testify of the goodness of this government unto Akwa Ibom State, which they are part of and in covenant with. The industrialization policy of the state is a clear case of a government that wants to create wealth. The wealth creation initiative is anchored on industrialization and creating economic partnerships. And this is going on.

Keep the celebration steaming, continue to support the government, continue to support the Governor, pray for the Governor and his family; pray for the state, and of course, pray for improved revenue. With all this in the kitty, it is well with Akwa Ibom State.

Join us at the Godswill Akpabio International Stadium (Nest of Champions) on Wednesday, 10th February 2016, 10 am. Let’s keep the celebration in high spirits.

Pat Reuben is a Public Affairs analyst and writes in from Awantong, Etinan.

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