Uyo Senatorial District Supports Udom Emmanuel

“As the custodian of the hopes, aspirations and dreams of this generation of Akwa Ibomites, as the current holder of the Divine Trust which binds our destiny in eternal covenant to the God of our fathers; as an instrument of God’s plans and purposes for our generation, I solemnly declare to you dear brothers and sisters, the great Akwa Ibom people that the mandate you freely gave me eight months ago rests in the sacred place of the Most High. It rests here because it was a Divine Mandate”. Governor Udom Emmanuel.

On January 9th, 2016, the people of Eket Senatorial District organized a mega rally in honour of their son, Governor Udom Emmanuel. The turn-out for the event was quit massive and aimed at rallying support in sustenance of Governor’s Divine Mandate.

The turnout for the event, according to onlookers, significantly painted a picture of a man who is widely enjoying the overwhelming acceptability of his people; “It was indeed a mega rally for a mega governor”.

Gov Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom State

Gov Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom State

Speeches at the event pointed among other things to the fact that it was the turn of Eket Senatorial District to produce a governor for that state and nothing would make the people of Eket to shift grounds and allow their rightful position to be taken, irrespective of political party affiliation.

This reporter, who was at the event at the Eket Township Stadium, reports that the whole crowd was filled with murmurings of those who could not mount the podium to deliver speeches officially, to the fact that Eket has taken its turn and cannot let it slip off.

“Is it not too much for Uyo? Are they the only people in the state? Why must it be Uyo all the time since the state was created? Instead of our son to be disgraced because of Uyo again; blood will flow. We are ready for them this time around” and the murmuring continued.

When a sword was presented to the Governor by his kinsmen as a symbol of authority and strength, someone shouted from the crowd; “Yes, cut whoever stands on your way into pieces, we are solidly behind you, let nobody decide for us, we are taking our mandate and we are ready for anything”

Others rained all manner of courses not on APC but on Uyo, since the flag bearer of APC, which is challenging the ‘Divine Mandate’ of Udom Emmanuel is from Uyo Senatorial District, arguing that they had completed their eight year tenure during Obong Attah’s administration and for Ikot Ekpane Senatorial District to have completed their eight years in Senator Akpabio’s administration; nothing would make Eket not to take their turn.

Exonerating Uyo Senatorial District from the struggle by APC; Senator Anietie Okon, who is the political leader of Uyo stated that Uyo did not send any of their sons to contest the governorship election in 2015 but was in full support of Eket Senatorial District, who are taking their rightful turn on the Governance seat based on the zoning process initiated by Obong Attah, before the end of his administration in 2007.

Okon maintained that every responsible person from Uyo was expected to respect the arrangement and allow Eket to take their turn as nothing will stop Uyo from taking the next turn, which would be rightfully theirs in 2023.

Speaking in a different forum; the President General of Oron Union, Dr. Edunam reasoned that the present administration in the state was a continuation of Akpabio’s administration and as such cannot be seen as Eket Senatorial District taking their turn.

“Udom has no administration, it is Akpabio’s administration. Akpabio even made appointment for Udom. What Akpabio allows for Udom, he busies himself with? You can see that Udom is not doing much because he has nothing to do. He is not governing; all they do is to dress him up in fancy cloths and take him around rallies to pretend to be Governor. Udom is a pretender. When PDP produces a Governor in the state we would know but unfortunately, they have a very slim chance to do that now”. Edunam stated.

He disclosed that Oron, which is part of Eket Senatorial District has had settled since 2015, that in case of a rerun election; they would punish “the traitor” of the Akpabios, which means that Udom cannot count on the support of Oron people.

He however called on the Supreme Court to do his job and not learn it to be compromised by people who believe that what money cannot do; more money can do. It should do what it was put in place to do and should not accept any form of inducement.

Those opposed to Governor Udom’s administration in the state have continued to blame it on the fact that he is an appendage of the last administration of Senator Akpabio, but Governor Emmanuel has emphasized at different fora that his administration is an improvement on the last administration; “The last administration took us out of Egypt to the Jordan River. My administration is taking us across the Jordan river to the promise land” Gov Udom buttressed.

Political analyst in the state, Mr. Patrick Ruben, reasoned that to build the Akwa Ibom of the people’s dream is not about Udom Emmanuel, saying that the Governor is just a vessel; “it is about children and grand children and future Akwa Ibomites that will be coming after us.

It is pertinent that we forget envious, grievous and politics of damning propaganda but line up behind the Governor and show so much faith in the Akwa Ibom Project.

He said it was in line with the belief and passion to support Governor Udom Emmanuel to succeed that the people of Uyo Senatorial District are gearing up to receive, support and drum up teaming goodwill to his Excellency in a date to be made public soon.

According to Ruben, Plans are in top gear as crucial meetings of all and top political office holders, field commanders, gladiators and stakeholders of the Senatorial District strategize to make the rally an epoch-making one, resounding and second to none.

It is confirmatory that in nearly eight months that he Udom Emmanuel has been in office as Governor, he has left no one in doubt about his deep appreciation of the problems that confront the state, and the solutions that must be brought to bear in getting it out of the economic doldrums in which it has been. He has gone about the business of erecting structures that would support his industrialization drive, knowing that it is the only way the state can emerge from its past and be economically relevant in the Nigeria of the 21st century.

“The people of Uyo Senatorial District are in support and are committed to the industrialization and infrastructural development piloted by Governor Udom Emmanuel. With the several ground breakings for new industries and resuscitating of ailing and moribund ones; from LED factory to automobile, and fertilizer plant to numerous others, industrialization is on its wings in Akwa Ibom State. Peacock Paints has come alive again. In tandem with the Dakkada initiative, Uyo Senatorial District have chosen to declare more support for the Governor’s superior performance and consolidation as the curve keeps rising”.

In the face of numerous crafted challenges especially the hurdles in futility mounted by enemies of the state, the people of Uyo Senatiorial District are not deterred but rest assured that when the judicial process is over and our victory again, re-affirmed, we expect our brothers and sisters to bury the hatchet and join hands with Governor Udom Emmanuel to build a greater Akwa Ibom State. We must know that we do not have to see eye to eye in order to walk hand in hand.

We are brothers and blood should be thicker than politics.

Relationship built over decades should not be sacrificed over the fleeting impulse of partisan politics. Political foes of today may likely be political allies of tomorrow and in the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends”. He urged.

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