Understanding Politics By Sen. Akpabio

I believe that politics is dynamic and people have a right to move  from one party to another if they so wish ,I stay where I am staying  because I believe in loyalty , I believe in consistency so I remain  loyal to my party and consistency.

Nowadays there is a new terminology in the country, which was  propounded by the governor of Ekiti state ,which they call stomach infrastructure , a case whereby when a politician thinks that power is moving to the other hand the person tries to move along with it because of Stomach infrastructure ,so stomach infrastructure politicians have no principles they will always try to move and dance to the time and those people have no ideologies so you cannot stop such people but in AkwaIbom we haven’t had defections from the PDP, the PDP in Akwa Ibom is still very intact the people that they write in the newspapers and say they are defecting are people who have always been members of the APC and they are very few ,the other day they used two pages in the newspaper to write the names of the top shots of APC who had always been there and they claim they defected, if you look at the list you will see all of them

How can the state chairman of APC be defecting? How can the deputy governorship candidate of APC be defecting? and they are in a hurry to add acronyms to their names so you will see them write names like Winmos former deputy speaker, how can he be defecting when he has always been there, they even wrote names of people who contested senate seats, house of reps ,state houses of assembly and lost as defectees and they now claim they have defected how can they be defecting when they have always been there

It Is all a question of propaganda attempting to deceive people that there is mass movement from the PDP when there is no such thing the PDP is intact and Akwa Ibom is 100 percent PDP

I have always stressed this in eight years of my governance of the state and in eight years of Obong Victor Attah’s governance of the state, in sixteen years; we have never seen federal government presence except police and soldiers so Akwa Ibom is not in opposition the state government is one hundred percent PDP. It is PDP that has achieved all that we have achieved in the state from 1999 to 2016, not the federal government. Even the gas processing plant that I pioneered in Esit Eket which is giving a lot of employment opportunities to our children, that was done under the PDP administration and not the federal government. We went as far as doing 59kilometres of gas pipeline from Esit Eket all the way to Ibom power plant so that we can supply gas and turn to turbines and give light to our people. It wasn’t done by the federal government, the Le-Meridian hotel was not
done by the federal government, and the flyovers you see in the state were not done by the federal government. The airport project that in many states of the federation were done by federal government, In fact in a place like Imo where the people initially contributed to commence an airport their money was refunded to them ,but in the case of Akwa Ibom It was different ,Akwa Ibom had to build her own airport so we must take Our destinies in our hands.

Sen. Akpabio

Sen. Akpabio

For the people who are attempting to talk about change, is it change in the right direction or the wrong direction? Right now Governor Udom Emmanuel is also taking the infrastructural development that you see in Uyo, like urbanization and the new city development plan to Eket, its environs and Oron as well as the entire state so when you come into Akwa Ibom, at a glance, you’ll notice that the entirety of the state has changed.
The federal government tried to do a little, that is, the 10kilometres of road between Ibeno and Eket? And it’s been ground work for the past 16years. The federal government till now for 16years has not been able to finish the east-west road. Now, it is herculean for us to enter Port Harcourt. So, when people are struggling to change party and run to join the party in the center, what are you going to gain in the center? Whether it is APC or PDP or NDP, every state must have a minister, that’s all you get. In sixteen years, that’s all we had! The only person who tried to give us something a little bit better was President Obasanjo who gave us the position of secretary to government under Ufot Ekaette and I don’t know how we fared. Then, of course, we also had our normal minister.

In this dispensation, we are very privileged to have a normal minister that we should have and thank God he is a person who is what I may say ‘a square peg in a square hole. He is not only intelligent, but he is a chip off the old block and somebody who has the interest of Nigeria and the state at heart ,that’s Sen. Udo Udoma, so we got what we should get from federal government.

The other aspect of senior special assistant, I just spoke with him a few minutes ago when he (Sen. Ita Enang) called to thank me that despite the mistake in the senate, that I insisted that position should not leave Akwa Ibom. This is because as a leader, I must ensure that I protect my people and any single job that is given to an Akwa Ibom child, I must protect that job so that our people will not be jobless. So, we are not in opposition. As soon as economic situation improves, I’m sure governor Udom Emmanuel will shock everybody with development and bring industries to Akwa Ibom state, that’s the PDP administration.

I thank the good people of Akwa Ibom state, nobody is defecting to APC. The people who they claim are defecting are the people who have always been in APC, that’s the simple truth. So please, go through it again and you’ll see that list of people who contested elections under the APC platform are the same people defecting. How can you be defecting in a political party that you had a ticket, contested and lost in 2015 and come to tell me you’re defecting? So, that’s propaganda. And I always tell people that propaganda can last for a moment but the truth lasts forever. We used to have a man called Okokon Ndem in those days of the Biafran civil war, beating the drums and saying “you can listen, the gallant Biafrans are reaching from
Benin, they have reached Ore, they are about capturing Lagos” and by the time he’s talking, he himself is preparing to run from Onitsha towards Aba because they have already captured Onitsha. But he will be telling people “ooh, the gallant Biafrans have captured Edo, they’re on their way to Ore, they’re almost capturing Lagos and by the time they’re capturing Lagos, Enugu are coming, they’re capturing Lagos, Umuahia are coming”. So, I’m not interested in politics of deceit and politics of propaganda.

I thank the good people of Akwa Ibom for standing by the government of Governor Udom Emmanuel. They don’t see me much in the state because I
have a lot of responsibilities at the center as a principal officer of the Senate, because I’m the Senate minority leader, so, I have a lot of things to do to assist Nigeria. But I will always be there to give my advice when needed and I’ll always love my people whenever I am doing anything here, the interest of every Akwa Ibom child remains paramount.

I thank God that sometimes I stop my car on the road in Abuja and call somebody to bring me newspaper and I’ll speak my language and the
person doesn’t understand. So, in eight years of our PDP administration, we can say the days are gone when the children of Akwa Ibom were all over Abuja and Lagos selling newspapers, or riding okadas and all that. With the free and compulsory education that we embarked upon more than eight years ago, our children are now educated and are doing their own thing. I know that with God by Our side, because we are a state that prays, the only state that grabs God, the only state that broke the Guinness book of world record; singing together for God Almighty, God cannot forget the ministration of praise done Him by Akwa Ibom people, so God will bless Akwa Ibom children wherever they are. Now Akwa Ibom children are no longer regarded as firewood fetchers and all of that. You’ll go into a place, they make you a leader, you’ll walk into a place and they say your
State is doing well, we thank God.

So, let us support the government of Udom Gabriel Emmanuel and ignore the propagandists who are thinking that there’s going to be a re-run and even if there’s a re-run election for five times, you know the result will be ‘Udom Gabriel Emmanuel’ five times.

So, know that the people of Akwa Ibom must pray for the president and pray for the governor. Why I am saying that is because we’re enjoined to pray for our leaders, irrespective of the political party one belongs, when a president comes in, he becomes president of all, not a president of a political party. So, president Buhari belongs to Nigeria as president of the nation. So, as we pray in the State because we’re a praying state, let’s also pray that God will give him the wisdom to succeed so that Nigeria will be better. But in Akwa Ibom state, we must also pray for our Governor, Udom Emmanuel who is already doing well and showing strides and showing clearly that he’s focused and the state will reach its Eldorado.
Thank you all, I love you all!”

Being the message from Senator Godswill Akpabio: Minority Leader of the Senate 8th Assembly, Federal Republic of Nigerian.

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