Can This Be True? Nsima Ekere To Take Over Akwa Ibom Soon

In 1993, one Mariah Braimah had appeared on the cover page of the now defunct Weekend Concord to announce that she would take over from the then military president of Nigeria, General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida. The screaming banner headline read: IBB Will Hand Over to Me!

Meanwhile she was not even a presidential candidate in either of the two political parties then; the SDP and the NRC.

And when the June 12 imbroglio set in so that IBB could not hand over to the assumed winner of the presidential election, Chief MKO Abiola, Braimah again appeared still on the cover of the same tabloid and declared: IBB Will Still Handover to Me.

If people took her first declaration which she said was from God, with a pinch of salt, more people tended to listen when she appeared again to say the same thing owing to the transition crisis that rocked IBB’s exit.

Nsima Ekere

Nsima Ekere

It turned out that IBB did not hand over to her; and ill date, nobody, especially those who expected the firstfemale president as Mrs Mariah Braimah, knows where she is.

Did God change his mind or was it a case of a prophecy that hit the bar? That seems to be the prophetic scenario in Akwa Ibom State at the moment, though the subject of the prophecy is not the prophet himself like the case of Braimah’s.

A young man, in fact a police officer, had declared since 2014 that the then deputy governor of the state, Obong Nsima Ekere, would take over from Chief Godswill Akpabio. But the governorship race came and Ekere didn’t even run beyond the primaries. And despite leading the G-22 of aggrieved PDP gubernatorial aspirants to camp 40 days and 40 nights in Abuja, he and his colleagues couldn’t even see the then president, Dr Goodluck Jonathan, to lay their complaints and receive at least, some words of hackneyed condolences.

After the 40 days of spiritual hibernation in Abuja, the G-22 returned empty handed and some of them picked some business class or even economy class tickets in whatever ingratiating but also-ran political flights waiting for anybody with gubernatorial intent.

To make the prophecy look even much further off the net, Nsima Ekere, either could not find space in the existing parties’ pedestal, or, most likely, considered it infra dig to go down low to some of the no-future-ambition parties hawking their guber tickets like about-to-be-expired soya beans milk at Ojuelegba bus stop. As such election came and Ekere was not even a candidate; the results were declared what-you-see-is-what-you-get.. The aggrieved parties went to the tribunal, court of appeal and even supreme court. Ekere has done none of that, except, maybe, to show some territorial sympathy to either the APC or its gubernatorial candidate, Mr Umana Okon Umana, to adopt his campaign office as solemn assembly arena.

Yet Prophet Emmanuel Paddy Ogon, a native of Arakpang village in Mbube East community, Ogoja Local Government Area of Cross River State, is insisting that it is Obong Nsima Ekere who will be the governor of Akwa Ibom State before 2019 when the next round of governorship election should even be conducted, because God had revealed to him in specific terms that Nsima Ekere is the next governor and would take over the Hilltop mansion before 2019.

The prophet who says he had no plans to venture into politics, neither did he know Nsima Ekere in person before he got transformed and called by God into the prophetic office, recalled that he got born again on August 25, 2013, and was called of God the next day even as he has undergone several training from God and in the ministry, preparing him for the work of God.

Narrating how he got interested in the governorship position of Akwa Ibom state, Ogon said on March 2014, a pastor friend of his, who was convinced of his status as a child of God, had wanted to know the mind of God concerning the state and had asked him to seek the face of God for answers in that direction.

“He wrote names of about 20 aspirants then and brought to me. Out of the twenty names, I read each of them according to their positions on the list to God and asked him to speak to me through the numbers since he knows every name on the list.

“That was even when party primaries were still pending. God spoke to me in a dream and gave me number three and number seven, which equals to ten. When I woke up I checked the list and number ten fell on Nsima Ekere. So I called my pastor friend and told him that Nsima Ekere is the next Governor of Akwa Ibom state.

“In the same October 2014, God said to me; ‘Udom will give Nsima good fight but Nsima Ekere will be Governor.’

“On the 14th of January 2015, I slept and as a man still under training, I did not see God’s prophecy coming to pass and all political parties had their candidates and none had Nsima Ekere as a candidate. I said father forgive me for my unbelief because my faith was shaky after going round to tell everybody that Nsima Ekere would be governor.

“On the morning of January 15, 2015, as I was lying on my bed, God’s word came to me again; saying that the race is not to the swift, the battle is not to the strong.

“That same day, as I got to the office, I was given a newspaper, which a story of the former Governor of Yobe State, Maman Ali and Sen. Muhammad Al Bashir was contained and how Manan Ali did not succeed on the governorship seat after pushing Al Bashir away and how Al Bashir did not get to the seat after several attempts. I knew that God was giving me a message concerning his word and I understood him.

“Elections came and gone. God has still been talking to me in specific terms about Nsima Ekere and the governorship seat; some of which I cannot disclose for now but I know from the revelation of God that Nsima Ekere is the one God has given the seat of government in Akwa Ibom to in this dispensation.

“Nsima Ekere is the governor of Akwa Ibom state before 2019, before the present dispensation runs out, situation will rise in one of the political parties where there will be need for replacement of candidate and Nsima Ekere will be that replacement and will sit on the seat of government in the state. He is the governor that the Lord has given to Akwa Ibom state before 2019. He will replace the sitting Governor, Udom Emmanuel. God has never talked about Umana Umana to me but he has always spoken of Udom and Nsima Ekere,”Ogon narrated.

Asked if the recent ruling by the appeal court that annulled the elections of the sitting governor was a pointer to the fact that the prophecy is coming to fruition, Ogon said; “I don’t actually follow the rulings and the unfolding of events, my own is what God has said, which stands at the fact that Nsima Ekere will be governor of Akwa Ibom state in this dispensation. Just as I have said that a need would arise for a replacement in one of the political parties and Nsima Ekere will be filled in.

Prophet Ogon, who said he was at the verge of committing suicide before God called him, revealed he was making his private conversations with his God public barely a week after Ekere defected with his supporters APC, according to divine instruction from God to the Church in Christ Jesus to make them believe that God has actually raised him as a prophet.

Surprisingly, Ogon has not made his message from God available to Obong Nsima ekere so far. He told Niger Delta Chronicle that that would be only after the fulfilment of the prophecy.

“I told somebody I knew and he told a media man and the media man who got in contact with Ekere. And he told his media man to see me; but I said I wasn’t going to see him. The Lord didn’t instruct me to see him,” he said.

If this prophecy becomes a reality, then all these talks and frenzies about Supreme Court, re-run and all that shall have produced regrets to the eventual winners and their supporters at the end of the day.

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